This will be included in a document that will need to be signed before the first lesson


*Payment is due the first lesson of the month for all lessons that month. Payment by check is preferred, but I will accept cash.  No venmo.  You will be responsible for returned checks. Personal checks will not be accepted if 2 checks are returned consecutively.  
*A $10 late fee will be charged if payment is not received by the 3rd week.  
*I receive the right to terminate lessons due to non-payment.
*There is NO REFUND for no shows. You are charged for a no show if it is the first lesson of the month.  


*Please don’t attend your lesson if you are sick
*48 hour cancellation required
*Advance notice for vacations appreciated
*I will communicate with advance notice if I go out of town.  
*30 day advance notice if you are quitting lessons
*Lessons will not be charged on major holidays.  (4th of July, Pioneer Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve & New Years day. Halloween can be worked out). I take 1 week off in July and December during winter break. Other than that, lessons are consistent.  

*I still teach on Mondays when there are holidays and no school.  

*Recitals will be in May (song of choice) and December (holiday song of choice)

*Group lessons will be held before each recital. They prepare students for performing.  Students perform a song they are working on and we play music games. Refreshments are served as well.  It is an hour of music fun! 

*If you are waiting at my house for students, please don't interfere with lessons. Conversations need to be quiet.  I need to be able to focus on the student on the bench. Please leave young children at home. 


Student Requirements:
*Being on time to lessons is super important. Showing up 5 minutes early is encouraged.   Piano lessons are given at the same time every week.  
*Student is responsible for the purchase of music books and materials.  
*Be teachable, willing to learn and EXCITED to learn how to play the piano
*PRACTICE every day


Materials needed for lessons:
*Notebook for me to take notes and practice instructions OR a folder to hold papers I give of the lesson format
*Piano books-including theory, scales and technique; holiday book for the winter recital song
*Each lesson will include scales, theory, technique and fun learning.  If there is time, I will do flashcards with the student.  

*Evaulations are given monthly and parents will get a copy.